Running Services within a Docker Swarm

Since we have validated that the service is running, we can try to connect to this service from a remote system with the redis-cli client. To install this package, we will use the apt-get command again, but this time with the install option. Enhance your DevOps collaboration with the latest and most innovative tools to […]

Defect Management Process in Software Testing Bug Report

If this is not the case, you must submit a notification to development to have the fault checked again. Find a defect in the system before it becomes a significant issue. If the Defect management process does not execute correctly, further drawbacks such as loss of revenue, customers, and tarnished brand reputations can occur. If […]

Introduction to Machine Learning as a Service MLaaS

Machine learning technology, which is about teaching machines to identify pieces of specific information and learn independently from processing big volumes of data. During the past years, we have heard a lot about this emerging technology as a component of artificial intelligence. As per Zebra’s Manufacturing Vision Study, smart asset monitoring systems based on IoT […]